"With everything I do, the goal is to create something beautiful and unique. All pictures used, videos made and products designed are original and hand crafted right here in Ridgecrest, California."

Behind the scenes

     I had always known that I wanted to do 

A thanks to Mr. Ortiz

     Mr. Ortiz is not only a math teacher but a man who cares about his students dreams and futures. I was lucky enough to have him as my teacher and that's the reason that Echo Delve even exists today. At the beginning of the year, we were all told to try things that we've never done before. A few months in, our new assignment was to pick our favorite hobby and expand on it, making it into something we love and may even have a future in. Mr. Ortiz is a selfless man who has allowed so many students to believe in themselves. He never adopted the traditional classroom route, and instead tried to connect with his students anytime that he could. Suddenly, math became my favorite subject, which is strange considering that only the year before, I didn't meet criteria and had to retake the class. Mr. Ortiz has proven again and again that school doesn't have to be mindless work, but instead something that the kids can look forward to, if only you let them be more creative, and incorporate their lives and hobbies. I hope with all my being that one day, schools will be more like the way Mr. Ortiz would want it to be. 

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